Herbal Products for Animals

  • Nourishes and restores damaged liver cells caused by diseases
    and toxins.

  • Addresses fatty liver conditions.

  • Alleviates liver fatigue due to stress.

  • Enhances the detoxification capabilities of the liver.

  • Improves the digestion and absorption of fats,
    essential for animals.

  • Enhances the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K.

  • HYDRO HERB GARIXTRACT is an extract derived from garlic and ginger. It has properties that can kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and it helps boost the immune system. It aids in reducing problems such as diarrhea and respiratory issues. Additionally, it helps reduce inflammation and lowers the severity of diseases.
  • Herbal extracts to enhance immunity in shrimp.
  • Increases pigment in aquatic animals  
  • Helps strengthen immunity and resist disease increase the growth rate and survival rate of aquatic animals.
  • Helps reduce stress caused by environmental changes in aquatic animals.
  • Stimulate appetite encourage the animal to eat more food. 
  • Regulates the digestive system in animals.
  • Increase immunity and anti-inflammatory from viruses in animals.
  • AQUA-NAP PLUS: A Nano-Anesthetic Innovation for immobilization of aquatic animals during transportation, trimming, and surgery. It consists of extracts from clove oil in the form of nano-particles with a lipid-based structure, providing excellent solubility, absorption, and effectiveness.